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Travel around the world -- in a lunch hour

The members of the New Neighbors Club of South Florida invite you to join them on Sept. 8, for lunch and a special travel presentation by two long time members and past presidents Suzuyo Fox and Joan Kanet.

The two have traveled extensively around the world including Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They will dispute the guests with a travel enigma, by presenting an overview of a past travel vacation. The guests will approximate what country or city they were in.

Extremities and guests also will be bade to share their travel adventures.

In a press release, Phyllis Webber, the club's program chairman said, ``We are very excited to learn about exotic aims in the world, through the eyes of two of our very ain members.''

The dejeuner will begin at 11:30 a.m. and will be at key signature Gardens, 12725 SW 122nd Ave. The cost is $24 per person and reservations are asked. Call Barbara Richards at 305-595-8631 to reserve your place.


You can help stamp out illiteracy by contriving to attend the Alfalit International fundraising event to begin at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 25 in the Versailles Ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel at 100 Chopin Plaza in business district Miami. The theme of the event is ``More Precious Than Gold and Rubies'' and is being acquainted to raise awareness and support of the administration educational programs. Myrka Dellanos will be the Mistress of ceremonials.

Agreeing to a press release from the organization, there are about 800 million illiterate people throughout the world. And while Alfalit International has changed the lives of more than 7 a million mass worldwide by providing basic reading, writing and math sciences, there is still much work to be done.

In the press release Roberto Perez, president of the Miami-based administration said, ``We face many challenges as we sustain and expand our broadcasts. Our major challenge is to find teacher replacement in various countries and the buying of textbooks.''

In addition to its literacy, basic breeding and preschool courses, Alfalit International also supports community development, health and aliment programs through cooperative projects with other international organizations. The administration serves 22 countries throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Portugal, and has been recognized at the 2006 and 2007 White House Conferences on Global Literacy. Alfalit also has received honors and the highest awad for literary development from UNESCO.

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Air travel flights - Air travel rules and requirements constantly changing

 Whether you’re planning a faraway vacation or business trip, it’s a good idea to be aware of all the rules and regulations before heading to the airport. Arriving at the airport early enough and knowing the list of prohibited items could prevent an exciting feel from turning into a frustrating and possibly dangerous nightmare.

 Aviation security is a shared responsibility around the world and abuses are continually being implemented to make air travel safer. Just as airlines do what they can to stay one-step ahead of any violent plots, everyday citizens can also do their part to keep air travel safe and commodious.

 Binding to the rules and policies of airports and individual airlines will most expected make for smoother travels.

 Pat Corfman, manager of marketing and public relations for Flint Bishop International Airport said the greatest thing they are dealing with right now at the airport is building. The Sam Adams bar, complete with charging stations for calls and computers, is set to open this calendar week and a full-service grill and gift shop are regular to be open for business by Thanksgiving.

As security remains a top priority, Corfman said the buy at flyers are accustomed to all of the ongoing restrictions and demands. Oftentimes, the infrequent flyer is unfamiliar with the liquid restrictions and packs a large shampoo in their bag besides a small bottle.

 Corfman said there are to be no neglected vehicles parked in front of the entrance. She said nearby cell phone lots are uncommitted so that those picking up a traveler can wait there for free until they get the call that their beloved is ready to be picked up at the door.

Enhanced security

 According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), riders traveling on flights to the U.S. from international destinations are sure to notice heightened, random security measures, including the increased use of explosives trace detection, canine teams, advanced imaging applied science (body scans), and behavior detection among other measures.

 Passengers who opt out of imaging technology screening, which some believe is too intrusive, will go through alternative screening, including same-gender pat downs.

Arrive early

 Because of the extra time asked to conduct enhanced security measures, passengers are advised to adjoin their airport to find out how early they should arrive. AirTran at Flint Bishop International Airport advocates travelers arrive at least 90 minutes early. Keep the number to the airline handy or curriculum it into one’s cell phone.

Prohibited food items

 Airport employees have seen it all when it bears on passengers wanting to carry food on to the plane. The TSA has a long list of banned carry-on food items. Rather than assuming, it’s OK to have that big-ticket bottle of perfume in a carry-on bag, check out the list (see sidebar) and see that this is one of those banned items.

Oversized electronics

 If oversized electronics (laptops, full-size picture game consoles, DVD players and video cameras that use cassettes) are in a carry-on bag be cognisant that the traveler will be required to remove these items from the bag and accede them separately for x-ray blocking out. Small electronics, such as iPods, can remain in the carry-on bag.


 To simplify the come of liquids that can be in a carry-on bag, airlines refer to the amount as “3-1-1 for carry-ons.” This term adverts to 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume); 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per rider placed in screening bin. Although some feel it is an inconvenience, it is also an bother for would-be terrorists who might be attempting to carry on a dangerous sum of explosive or damaging liquids, agreeing to the TSA.

 Medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk are allowed in fair quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag, all the same, they still need to be declared.

Metal detectors

 All travelers must authorize through metal detectors before boarding an aircraft. Transportation certificate officers have to identify any metal that is discovered at the checkpoint. If the metal detector alarms as the passenger walks done, the person will be required to experience additional screening. This includes a hand-wand and pat-down inspection.


 Don’t attempt to carry on a firearm. Security officers are required to contact law enforcement immediately if one is discovered, regardless of the traveler’s excuse. On average, the TSA reports finding two guns per day.

 In addition to potentially missing the flight, passengers could have their gun confiscated and/or face criminal charges. A fine from TSA is also possible. Firearms meeting all airline requirements can be transported in checked bags.

Shaving razors

 For anyone who plans to take a razor with him or her on a flight, pack it in the checked luggage, rather than in the carry-on bag. Since the razor blades can so easily be removed from the old-fashioned razors, they are not allowed in carry-on bags, but the disposable razors are.

Number of carry-on bags

 Browsing Air-Tran’s website, travelers will learn they will be restricted to one carry-on item and one personal item.

Checked baggage

 The number of bags each traveler is allowed to check varies from one airline to the next. The TSA recommends the traveler contact the airline directly to find out sizes and quantity of allowed bags and how much of a fee will be charged for each.

Sharp objects

 Knives or sharp objects will not be allowed in carry-on baggage or past the security checkpoint. Any sharp items a traveler may need in their travels should be packed in their checked baggage. Customers dependent upon syringe-injected medications may carry on such items.


 The TSA encourages each adult traveler to keep his or her airline-boarding pass and government-issued photo identification available until exiting the security checkpoint (children are not required to show identification). If a traveler does not have identification (lost, stolen, etc.), he or she will be required to provide the officer with some information to help verify their identity. This will slow down the screening process and will result in additional screening.

Air travel issues to consider:

• Prohibited food items

• Oversized electronics

Travelers are required to remove their shoes before entering the walk-through metal detector at all U.S. airports and put them through the x-ray machine for inspection. This allows officers to see if the shoes have been tampered with in any way.

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Unlimited Vacation Time Not A Dream For Some - vacation apartment rentals

Rosemary O'Neill's employees weren't sure whether to believe her when she announced a change in vacation policy early this year.

"When I said, 'Unlimited paid leave, no strings affiliated,' there comprised a moment of, 'Are you punking us? Is this a joke?' " O'Neill says.

It wasn't a joke. O'Neill and her husband, Ted, own Social Strata, a small herding media outfit in Seattle. Their business has joined a tiny but acquiring group: For the first time this year, 1 percent of U.S. businesses say they offer infinite paid vacation.

For the O'Neills, the change started with an effort to help an employee in crisis. Their treasurer was struggling to care for a badly injured husband while also keeping up with her work. The O'Neills talked about letting her take off some time she needed. After all, she comprised a hard worker, and they trusted her. Then, they accomplished that was the case with all of their 10 employees.

"My husband said, 'Well, why don't we just do it for everyone!' "

That was a Friday. They addressed a Monday morning meeting, and, as Rosemary puts it, cast the bombshell. O'Neill says the fresh policy aims to go far beyond just allowing employees spend August on the beach.

"People have lives," she says. "We want them to be able to, I do not know, take a pottery class or go to their child's play or help a congenator who's sick." "Everybody's a doubter, like, 'That can't actually be true!' " says Brian Lenz, Social Strata's aged software engineer. He says friends still can't believe he's got it so adept.

One of the greatest changes he sees as a result of the policy is that if colleagues are sick now, they're more likely to actually take a sick day, since it no more cuts into a set chunk of paid time off. Lenz was also grateful for the new insurance when he became a father in February.

"I took six weeks off for that," Lenz says. "So that was a actual blessing just to be able to have that time with my wife and girl, that bonding experience."

Why the uptick in inexhaustible paid leave now? Studies have long shown that — conceive it or not — such flexibility actually makes workers fatter and engaged. But Lenny Sanicola, with the human imaginations group World at Work, which surveys company benefits, suspects something a lot of. Sanicola notes that with all the perks being cut during the ceding back, vacation time has held its own.

"Maybe not being able to provide other rewards," he says, "some accompanies said as long as the work gets done and the productivity that we're anticipating is achieved, you don't have to track your time and you are able to take unlimited leave."

Of course, Sanicola says this comprises limited to white-collar professionals. He's never heard of it by the hour employees; you can imagine a factory shutting down without a steady current of workers. In fact, the U.S. is alone in the industrialised world in that 1000000s of mainly low-wage workers have no paid vacation at all.

Some critics worry that in a acculturation of workaholics, unlimited vacation might actually mean no vacation; that without a specified time to be "off" employees might feel blackjack to always be "on."

The movie subscription service Netflix has had unlimited allow for a decade. "I personally am ardent about my job," says Steve Swasey, vice president for corporate communicatings, "and I don't mind checking my BlackBerry when I'm climb ruins in Guatemala and Honduras, which I've done."

But Swasey says Netflix does not ask its workers do that. He calls traditional vacation, as a matter of fact the whole 9-to-5 workday, a "relic of the industrial age." Swasey says Netflix values actors who can manage their own time.

"We have engineers who work jolly much around the clock because that's the way they work," Swasey says. "And then they accept two months to go visit family in India. We have citizenry who never take a vacation for three years and then take a 90-day trip someplace. But they've earned it."

At Social Strata, vacation flavor hasn't changed as dramatically as you might imagine. People must still bring off time off around deadlines and work that needs to get acted. Rosemary O'Neill says no one seems to be taking off much a lot of time than last year. That is, about no one.

"Well," she says with a laugh, "I took a longer holiday than normal!"

After years of devoting themselves to their business concern, O'Neill and her husband took their three young babies on a monthlong, cross-country road trip. She says she Bob Hope* it will inspire employees to set off on their own up adventures.